Motz Nursery of Wisconsin

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!

Spring 2012 late frost!!

Had to turn on the sprinklers to protect the trees from freezing temperatures during the night!


Pictures of the "Nursery"!





Contender Peach on the second year after planting!


Thank you, Wendy!

 Coon Rapids, MN

Getting ready for the trees to arrive 2013!

They're here!

Then THIS happened!  May 2013

Just got the trees about a 2 weeks before this happened...

Good thing we have the umbrella to keep us cool while packaging orders!

2014 We get some good size trees here!

We have great helpers!

2015 The calm before the storm...

All ready! 

Just starting to pull the orders.

Bagging up the orders.

All work and no play is not how we are!


From wearing shorts last year to snow flurries this year!  It didn't stop the "workers" from doing a great job!

Spring 2017 - Having friends help out!