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Only sold in batches of 25  

Ozark Beauty

Zone 3 - 8

A long time favorite and is excellent for preserves or freezing. Large red berries with mouth-watering flavor. The absolute hardiest, most vigorous and one of the heaviest producing everbearing* plants. 




Zone 3 - 8  

George's favorite!

Does the best in our colder climates.  It is a great tasting strawberry developed by Washington State University. Good for potted everbearing* strawberries. Makes excellent ground cover or border planting along walks or paths. Fruit is tasty and can be ready to eat in 4 to 5 weeks after planting. Berries up to 2" in diameter from June until frost. Self pollinating.  




* Notes:

Everbearing - Varieties that produce the first crop in June and a second in late summer until frost.