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Our Guarantee:

We take pride in being able to sell you a high-quality tree at an affordable price. We take every effort to make absolutely sure we sell you a living, thriving tree. Once they leave us, we have no control over what happens to them. We cannot control the weather, either a drought, excessive rain or a harsh winter. We cannot control damage due to animals or pests. We cannot control where they are planted and how they are cared for.

Because of this, our guarantee is.....

We guarantee we did not sell you a dead tree. And we guarantee that the trees are suitable for your area.

If you do not see signs of life (no buds, no leaves, brittle branches, if you lightly scrape the bark and it is not green under it) please contact us and send us a picture of the tree before July 15th to set up a replacement tree. In most cases, we will be able to replace the tree the following year for free if notified on time and that it wasn't due to animals, pests or improper planting/care.

If notified after July 15th through the fall of that current growing season, we will do a one-time replacement tree for half of the listed price, providing it was not due to animal, pests or improper planting/care. Again, please send us a picture.

We would love to guarantee that your tree will survive the winter, but due to so many different scenarios, we aren't able to do so.  Mainly because we have no control over the severity of the winter and the animals eating/girdling the trees.  But again, if it hasn't survived by the fall in which it was planted, send us pictures so we can set up a replacement tree for half the listed price.

When you come in to get your replacement tree in the spring, we must have the dead tree returned.

If we no longer carry that variety, we will either credit your account, mail you a check for the replacement costs or you can pick another variety in the same price range.

Thank you for your support of our small business! We appreciate it so much!  It is hard to compete with the big box companies, but we will do what we can to make sure you are pleased with your purchase and the service you receive.

Dean and Karry

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