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   Rest in Peace Dad. We miss you so much!

George G. Motz

10/20/1943 - 01/08/2010

George Guy Motz, 66 of Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, passed away of natural causes on January 8, 2010. George was born on October 20, 1943 in Modale, Iowa. He was the son of Albert Guy and Wilma (Wulf) Motz. He had one brother, Robert, who preceded him in death and one sister, Mary Merrill, who resides in Florida with her husband, Dean. George graduated in 1961 from Unity High School in Balsam Lake, WI. From there he attended Northland College in Ashland, WI where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1966 and later, posthumously received the Eternal Flame Award in 2011. George went on to be a teacher, and continued to teach outside the classroom the rest of his life. He farmed until he could no longer do so, but was able to continue his respect of the land and of nature by selling fruit trees off the family farm. He was able to share his passion for trees and meet some really great people in doing so. He was an avid outdoors man. He loved hunting and loved being in the woods. Auctioneering was a big part of George’s life, as well as attending many auctions to sell his items. He also loved helping others whenever they needed help. He was a huge supporter of the Polk County Sportsmen’s Club, helping to make it possible for all people to enjoy the outdoors. Being an author, he loved writing many books, and had published 15 of them. 

The Future of Motz Nursery

As you can see our Dad/Father-in-Law, George Motz, passed away unexpectedly on 01/08/10. At first we thought to cancel all his orders and return the down payments. But then we thought we have to think of what Dad would want. He would have absolutely not want us to let anyone down by cancelling orders. So we are going to continue George’s nursery passion to the best of our ability. This isn’t totally new to me, as I helped Dad with the tree business when I was growing up.

Dad typically would order a tremendous stock of extra trees that were not spoken for. Now, the extra stock will be much smaller, so please keep this in mind when you order. If we run out of stock, we will do everything we can to find what you are looking for.

This business was George’s hobby and it kept him busy during his retirement. We, on the other hand, are not retired, but will do our best to give you the service that people have come to expect from Motz Nursery. Dad, along with countless others would be disappointed if we didn’t continue the family business that he and I started about 30 years ago.

So far, the selling of trees without Dad is going very well. We miss him terribly, but we are still determined to continue giving you the best deal on trees! It will be difficult to fill Dad's shoes because of his knowledge and people skills, but I am sure once you get to know us, you will see the apple didn't fall far from the tree!

Thank You!

Dean & Karry Motz

Motz Nursery

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